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Resurrection Medical Center and The University of Wisconsin are two of  the newest Leica ARveo customers - ARveo for Neurosurgery with the latest Captiview Stealth Image Injection module, along with TriFluoro fluoresence modules.  

Aurora 84th Street recently purchased  the Leica ARveo for use in their ENT Surgery departments.  The ARveo is the State of the Art work horse microscope for Neuro and ENT. 

Porter Memorial Hospital is the new owner of the Leica M530/ARveo.
This state of the art scope and it's 600mm working distance will allow surgeons the added room for their MIS cases.

Loyola University Medical Center has added the Sutter Endopen single shafted bipolar for endonasal surgery to their instrument  arsenal.

Rush University Medical Center recently purchased the Mitaka MM51 Surgical Microscope, Mitaka PDE-neoII and a Mitaka Micro-instrument set.  These advanced imaging products will assist the Plastic Surgery Department with their new Lymphedema program.

Northwestern Memorial NCASE lab outfits its ENT Skull base Course with Anspach Drills and Leica Microscopes during the course directed by Alan Micco MD.