Kogent Non Stick Single Use Bipolar forceps with the Silver plated tips come in irrigating as well as a lighted option.   Also single use micro scissors.   Please call us to schedule your demo."

New Product Highlights

Here are the newest products available through Next Case Surgical:

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BFW Surgical Headlights

The Cutting Edge of Cutting Edge.

BFW's innovative all LED product lineup - includes robustly built and very bright portables to their high-intensity Hatteras fiber optic LED system that is tested and approved for headlights and scopes.  

BFW's designed, engineered and manufactured headlight products are made in America Strong.

Leica M530/ARveo
600 mm working Distance provides a larger working area and an Integrated 3D Heads up display provides an ergonomic advantage for long spine or cranial cases.  An integrated Lux meter for consistent light, Rear independent assistant fine focus, FUSION OPTICS a feature brought over from the industrial division provides unparalleled depth of focus at the highest of resolutions.   All 3 Fluorescence modalities (vascular, tumor) available. Incorporate an endoscope and image guidance easily.

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Leica M850 Proveo
The Leica Proveo delivers the latest advanced technology to the world of Opthalmic surgical microscopes.
Now available with IOL system for the best lens placement possible.  The new High Resolution OCT capability is wildly popular and the Occulus Biom is something to see.
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From Grace Medical
The K helix implant is working well Please see the video.​ CLICK HERE
Grace also announced a partnership with the Spiggle and Theis German instrument Manufacturer supplying the entire range of ENT instruments.   Call us for an Appointment or a catalog.

Anspach's newest High Speed Drill the EG-1
Ok all you power hungry Neurosurgeons.   The wait is over.  The electric drill with cranial flap turning capabilities has finally arrived.   The EG-1 is here.  More than enough torque to cut the bone in a smooth, timely fashion.
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Leica M320 Office Microscope
Check out the latest microscope from Leica Micro-systems, the LED light source in the unit provide superior light for such a small scope. Complete with recording unit for stills and video this scope will allow you the best viewing for your office or clinic.